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1 Foxy-style
Foxy-style from Maine coon Russia.
russian maine coon cattery
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4 16.2 Foxy-style
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2 Rangeley Lakes from Maine coon Germany.
Wir sind eine kleinere Zucht mit Maine Coon Katzen, die die größten Rassekatzen der Welt sind! Wir wohnen in Rheinland-Pfalz. Zu weiteren Informationen würde es uns freuen wenn Sie unsere Homepage: Rangeley Lakes-Maine...
2 7.2 Rangeley Lakes
3 Seventh Fleet*UA from Maine coon Ukraine.
Maine Coon cattery from Ukraine
0 0.5 Seventh Fleet*UA
4 Best Coon from Maine coon Russia.
Welcom to our site! Moscow
0 0.5 Best Coon
5 Berkano from Maine coon Spain.
Our cats live with us at home, they sleep with us and they are warm on winter and air conditioned on summer. Our cats' health is the most important for us, because they are members of our family. Our target is to...
0 0.1 Berkano
6 Cicceorinas from Maine coon Sweden.
0 0.1 Cicceorinas
7 Ufacoons from Maine coon Russia.
Cattery located in Russia. Welcome to our home on the web. :-)
0 0.1 Ufacoons
8 Koontucky from Maine coon United States.
Welcome to our home on the web. Come in, enjoy and please feel free to email us with any questions you may have. We have been breeding to the standard since 1984 and are long standing MCBFA Breeder Members. We...
0 0 Koontucky
9 Armentarius * PL from Maine coon Poland.
We are breeders of big loving maine coon. Our cats are part of or familly. Our goal is to breed cats healty, inteligent and beautiful, that is why we test our cats for HCM, PKD and HD. Our cat are comming from the...
0 0 Armentarius * PL
10 Funny Coons from Maine coon Germany.
Small Cattery near Dortmund, Germany. We testing HCM, PKD and HD. All Colors (no solid white) are possible. More Information you will find on my website.
0 0 Funny Coons
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16,948 12,969 589,374

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